We are so proud to have so many successful members as part of our fitness family. We thank them for their dedication, their commitment and their recommendations.

Name: Alison E. Smith
Member Club: Ladies Workout Express, Shrewsbury, NJ
Weight Loss: 55 lbs
Inches Lost: 52 ½ in

Late one year, I received a letter in the mail with an advertisement which said “Weight Loss and Inch Reduction 30 day study". It was to see how much weight and inches people actually lose. I first ignored it and put it to the side. I then came upon the letter again as I was going through my mail. I called Ladies Workout Express to ask questions this time.

Cindy said “Come in. We weigh and measure you and show you how to use the equipment. The requirement is that you commit to working out a minimum of at least 3 days a week.” I said, “That’s it, 3 days? I think I can do that.”

So, I told myself that on the first Monday in December I would go workout. I started on December 1st. I forgot my workout clothes but came anyway. I was committed and determined. I went around the circuit one time considering my attire.

The month of December was very hectic for me. The first two weeks were pretty normal; however, I then had to travel for a conference. I told myself that I would workout Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to make up for being out of town. Well, I had the best of intentions, but, I made it in twice if not once that week. Then, as you know, here come the holidays which shortened the week. In the end I had lost some weight.

When I did finally got weighed and measured I had lost 4 pounds and 21 ½ inches. I was SHOCKED!!! Although, I have to admit I did start to notice a difference in the fit of my clothing during that first month.

Basically the rest is history!! After the study, I joined. I’ve tried to stick to coming three days a week, and up to five when possible.

In the middle of January I started following The South Beach Diet. I was told about it in December, but with going away and the holidays, I put it aside until January. I can honestly say I am hooked and will continue coming to Ladies Workout Express to maintain after I reach my goal weight. I am still working on a number!

It is now September and I have lost a total of 55 pounds and 52 1/2 inches. Coming to LWE has made a total change in my life. I think I would like to lose another 10 pounds. My doctor has documented my weight loss to 60+ pounds. She was very impressed and said that reaching a goal weight of around 165 would put me at my correct BMI.

In my before picture I was in a size 20 pushing a 22 and I had decided that I wasn’t going any higher. Size 20 was my limit and I wasn’t happy with that. I am now in a size 10. This has all been accomplished in less than a year. And truthfully when I first started I didn’t push myself as much as I do now, so as long as you commit to coming to LWE the weight and inches will come off. I did workout to the minimum and still lost.

Cindy, I would like to thank you and your staff for all your help, encouragement and support. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for sending me that flyer!!! That changed my life.


Alison E. Smith Alison E. Smith

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