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Name: Patti Ford
Member Club: Ladies Workout Express, Barre, Vermont
Weight Loss: 90 lbs

After my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer I spent the next year and a half concentrating on saving his life, but it was a battle he lost. During his end of life journey I not only was holding down a full time job, but also was his primary caregiver. God bless my employer that they allowed me to work from home in his last months. I had now become his 24/7 caregiver surviving on adrenaline & 3 hours sleep a night. He passed away and now lives with our Lord, pain free at last.

Needless to say, it was stress that caused me to begin losing weight. When I’d dropped 20 pounds I started feeling good. I realized that my whole life was about to change. How? I wasn’t quite sure. But I know one thing – I was feeling good. So, I started making a conscious effort to work on continuing to lose weight. Sure, I’d always thought it would be good to join a gym, but the thought of going to a co-ed gym scared me to death! I started walking, but it was too easy to tell myself I was too tired or busy to walk today, so I’ll go tomorrow.

I’d heard about the "lady’s gyms", checked them out and thought this might work! So I made a call, which ended up in a visit, to Ladies Workout Express. (I chose them because their hours were more suitable to MY schedule and have been hooked ever since! I even found that a coworker went to the same location! Everyone at the Barre, Vermont location, staff and members, are SO friendly. I knew going in that all I had to do was go 3 times a week for a half hour. But, I made it a party of my daily routine and stop every night on my way home. I saw the pounds start melting off. Wow! "WHY didn’t I start this years ago?" I asked myself.

To date, I’m down 70 pounds, wanting to lose another 20, and recently found pictures of myself at the heaviest I’ve ever been – 240 pounds plus! I call them my incentive pictures and have them at home and at work. People can’t believe the difference in me. Well, neither can I for that matter. Friends know it’s me because they knew me at that heavier weight. Co-workers and new found friends can’t believe the difference! I FEEL great, I’m looking good and the best part is I’m healthier! My cholesterol and sugar have gone down to normal ranges and I’m more outgoing and comfortable being around people. Thank you, LWE!!


Patti Ford Patti Ford

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