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Name: Terry Charette
Member Club: Ladies Workout Express, Shrewsbury, NJ
Weight Loss: 81 lbs.
Inches Lost: 27 in.

The day I decided that I was tired of wearing a size 20 pant and XXL blouses was the day of my “rebirth”. I knew something had to be done about the weight that my 5’11” inch frame was carrying. My top weight was 228 lbs and I felt every bit of it, from rolling off the couch to being out of breath with every step I took. The cholesterol count in my body was over 300 and I was currently taking medication to lower it.

My story starts a bit differently than people who started coming to Ladies Workout Express. I began going to weight watchers and started taking short walks. I was determined to change my eating habits, which would in turn help me mentally to be able to fight this disease of obesity. I continued on my journey, until one day when my friends encouraged me to check out Ladies Workout Express. I came in on a 1 week free trial, but only needed one time around the circuit to realize that this is the place where I needed to be.

I started by coming to the gym 3 times a week. I enjoyed it so much I incorporated it with my daily cardio of 4 mile walks every day. I increased my attendance to 4 or 5 times a week and started doing the “Extra Abdominal Equipment” that is placed in the middle of the circuit circle.

The results have been absolutely tremendous! I have lost a total of 81 lbs. (31 at Ladies Workout Express) and 27 total body inches. I have remarkable muscle definition and continue to go at least 3 times a week. I now wear a size 6 pant and medium blouses. I no longer take medication for Cholesterol, and my number is down to 150.

I want to thank all the women at Ladies Workout Express for their continued support. The encouragement received by the staff is always appreciated!


Terry Charette Terry Charette

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