The Workout

Ladies Workout Express is an interval circuit training program that provides
a full strength and aerobic workout in just 30 minutes!

Our program allows you to increase your lean muscle tissue, which increases muscle tone. Our specialized 30-minute program speeds up your metabolism, burns fat and aids in weight loss.

With personal attention and guidance, you can feel confidant that you are getting the most out of your exercise program. Our clubs offer an environment for women that is non-intimidating and provides stimulating music to keep you motivated.

Our members are consistently mentioning their increased energy levels, improved appearance, and that they feel generally healthier.

At Ladies Workout Express, any woman can participate and see results regardless of age or physical fitness level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many machines are in the circuit?
There are 8-12 hydraulic machines and an equal number of recovery/rest stations included in the circuit. The recovery/rest stations are comprised of steps and cushioned platforms.
Do you use every major muscle group in the circuit?
By completing a lap around the circuit, you work out every major muscle group in the body. Most of the machines work two muscle groups at the same time, so your workout takes half the time as a traditional gym. Also, when compared to similar “Express” workout centers, you achieve twice the workout in the same time period.
Is cardio built into the program?
Yes. In between every hydraulic machine is either a step or a platform for you to walk, jog or run in place. This will keep you in your Fat Burning Zone or Heart Rate Zone depending on the type of results you are trying to achieve. However, you will achieve maximum cardio and strength benefits while working the hydraulic machine rapidly.
How long is the workout?
Each workout is designed to be a non-stop interval training workout lasting approximately 30 minutes.
What sets this 30-minute circuit program apart from the others?
The primary reason the Ladies Workout Express workout is different from our competition is due to our equipment. Our equipment is specially designed with ten resistance settings for different fitness levels. Our clubs adjust the levels daily so that members get a different workout everyday. Also, our equipment is designed with two hydraulic-pistons instead of one which allows twice the workout of our competitors. In some of the 30 minute workout centers, you will reach a plateau around the six-month mark because there has been no change in your workout. Our advanced equipment helps avoid a fitness plateau and constantly challenges your body.
Who is the program best suited for?
Women of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels are able to benefit from this workout.
Is the workout supervised?
Every Ladies Workout Express has at least one trainer that oversees the circuit, guiding and encouraging our members. This is very appealing to those that have never been a part of a regular exercise program. Our members find that having a trainer involved adds significantly to their results and enjoyment.
How many 30-minute visits per week does the program recommend?
We recommend that you and your Ladies Workout Express consultant create a realistic exercise plan. As you continue to see progress, you will begin to make it a lifestyle change.

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