The Smoothie Diet Review

The Smoothie Diet is one of the best weight loss programs that help you lose weight smoothly with perfect smoothies. Beginning the day with the right smoothies can help you transform your health, body, ad life. The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day online program that offers you all the drink schedules, recipes, healthy eating guides, and more, and it helps you take your weight loss program to the next level. However, the smoothie diet is not to replace the three meals of the day, which makes this diet program unique as it also allows you to eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables and fruits required for a healthy body. Along with the smoothie diet, you can have your breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners.

The Smoothie diet program is about obtaining the required weight loss results and optimal health. Starting the day with a smoothie can help you get sufficient nutrition and also you can enjoy eating your favorite foods. This is an interesting weight loss program that helps you lose maintainable weight and to change your health. Drinking smoothies for the rest of your life is not an ideal thing to do, but you start adding some nutritious drinks throughout the day, and then you are sure to reach your weight loss goals.

What is The Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet is an amazing option that helps you learn how to include the right smoothies every day along with regular meals and performing your day-to-day activities. It is not a smoothie diet, but a guide to how to get your weight loss goals using smoothies. It is a 21-day online program that includes everything that you need to know about drinking smoothies and obtaining your healthy weight loss results quickly.

The Smoothie Diet is an all-inclusive guide that shows you what smoothies to consume and when you have to drink them for greater results, it also includes the best smoothies for various activities, etc. The program has covered various aspects more than just smoothies. The program includes pre-made grocery shopping lists, recipes, schedules, recipe cards, healthy eating guides, workout plans, etc. You can find recipes for every preference and taste that you can think of and this diet program comes with gluten-free and kid-friendly options.

You can start this online program at any time you want better start right away and get amazing weight loss results in just 21-days of the program. You can get quick access to the program and you can download the program right onto your smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. The options make it much easier and the simple guide can guide you to get the perfect grocery shopping lists, recipes, etc, wherever you go and whenever you want. You are sure to find a range of recipes in the recipe book.

Who is the author of The Smoothie Diet?

Drew Sgoutas is the author of The Smoothie Diet, and he is a Nutrition Expert and Board Certified Health Coach. The author is well-recognized for helping several thousands of people get their fitness, health, and weight loss goals by drinking smoothies and juices tactically. He mainly focuses on teaching the significance of using actual ingredients, home cooking, and healthy foods to get optimal health, he doesn’t send his clients just by giving recipes.

What is Included in The Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet is a unique weight loss program and this all-inclusive 21-day program teaches you everything about transforming your body and health using smoothies and juices. The program gives out the importance of pervading your diet with powerful ingredients, home cooking, healthy foods, and drinking schedules, and also it explains how to include smoothies along with healthy eating habits, and much more. The Smoothie Diet program covers every concern, question, taste bud, and topic.

You don’t require any extravagant tools as all these recipes are easy to follow and easy to make. The recipes are made with easy-to-find and affordable ingredients and include step-by-step instructions. This makes your life simple as you can always expect to get flawless texture and taste and helps you make nutritious and delicious smoothies.

The Smoothie Diet Program is designed by Drew Sagoutas and it is a 21-day online program. This health coach’s objective is to help people reduce fat and sugar consumptions and also reduce calorie intake with this Smoothie Diet. This online program provides a traditional plan to substitute some of your regular meals with smoothies that contains all-natural ingredients. With this program, you will see the effective transformation of your body in 3-weeks.

With the perfect portion size and right ingredients included in a well-planned eating plan that helps you lose weight easily and smoothly. The 21-day diet plan will you lose weight and the journey will be smooth and relaxing if you can follow step-by-step instructions clearly. Drew Sagoutas is a certified health coach and a nutrition expert; he made this program very simple so that every individual can easily prepare juices and smoothies and follow simple steps to lose weight quickly.

His objective is to make the individuals understand the importance of cooking meals with natural ingredients and avoid all the processed foods that you consume. These kinds of processed foods are fattening and unhealthy. The Smoothie Diet integrated the same process that the coach takes with his clients and also his personal life. It helped many people get outstanding results within a short period.

Modules of the Smoothie Diet

The Smoothie Diet is not just a digital book that contains smoothie recipes, it is more than that. The diet program contains a 21-day schedule, weekly shopping lists, and details about what you need to make every day. Also, it includes a guide and detox plan, and if you know about 28-day Keto Challenge, then you will understand what’s in the Smoothie Diet as well.

The Smoothie Diet package includes

  • Weekly shopping lists
  • 3-week program for health improvement and weight loss
  • Preparation guide includes tips on making smoothies
  • 36 smoothie recipes to swap solid meals
  • Quick-start guide that summarizes everything into a quick list
  • You have to follow a 3-day detox plan before the 21-day plan

All the diet program details are available in digital format so you can obtain all the details using your phone, PC, or any mobile device at any place and anywhere. Even when you are traveling, you can take everything with you to continue your diet plan.

However, if you want a hard copy of this diet program, then you just need to get a printout of the guide. Otherwise, you can get all the information available online.

The effectiveness of this diet program is proven at lab tests, and the studies show that belly visceral fat can be fatal ailments like fatty liver, lung disease, and more. That is why losing weight and reducing fat content are very important for a strong and healthy body.

Diet professionals say that individuals need to eat right to stay healthy and it is more significant than exercising. That is why the author says that nothing is much better than a healthy body, and it is better to start your weight loss journey by drinking smoothies along with natural foods.

Many studies show that eating vegetables and fruits is good for health as they offer several health benefits. You can try Green Smoothies as they provide a shielding effect on your body, and try fruit smoothies as they offer energy and richness. According to the World Health Organization, eating fruits and vegetables five times a day can help you build a stronger body. Most of these fruits and veggies offer various health benefits like reducing the risk of cancer, protects from cataracts, etc. Some of these veggies and fruits give you glowing skin when you eat regularly.

When you eat fresh greens and fruits along with low-calorie meals with good fat and lean proteins and remove processed food from your diet can help you get positive weight loss results. The smoothie diet plan is all about giving you the desired weight loss results as these smoothies are filled with fibers and rich carbs, plant-based proteins, fruit sugars, etc. These smoothies help you take control of your food craving and keep you away from hunger for a longer time.

Pros & Cons of The Smoothie Diet


  • Easy and quick meal preparation and intake
  • Low-calorie smoothies drink with all-natural ingredients
  • Visible weight loss and fat in just 21-days
  • With shopping lists, makes grocery shopping simpler
  • Low-calorie smoothie meals with natural ingredients
  • Incredible diet program to enhance skin, body, and hair


  • Rich in carbs, but all of it is complicated
  • You need to develop careful eating habits along with the diet to maintains the weight loss results
  • Accessible only on the official website


The Smoothie Diet is a nutritious, easy, and delicious way to obtain the right smoothies to start your day and transform your lifestyle. The program includes recipes for every preference and taste buds and provides kid-friendly and gluten-free options. The smoothie diet is not created as a replacement for your meal, so anyone can follow this diet plan and get their desired weight loss results in just 21-days.

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